Cove-Flex™ Flexible Mouldings:

Q: How do I install flexible mouldings?

A: Complete instructions for installing flexible mouldings can be found in the Installation section by CLICKING HERE.

Q: How flexible are your flexible mouldings?

A: Mouldings are as flexible as a standard garden hose depending on which way you are trying to bend them. You can bend straight mouldings yourself when you are applying a base board or chair rail. However, if your application is for a rounded window casing, a crown, or an arch, we need to know some measurements before production, as it is difficult to bend the profile this way without some pre-bending in fabrication. Having said this, it is typical with an arch or rounded casing to have a degree of play available in case your measurements vary marginally.

Q: What is Cove-Flex™ made of?

A: Cove-Flex™ is an advanced polymer product that has the appearance of hardened rubber.

Q: How closely will the flexible mouldings match my profile?

A: For any in stock or custom mouldings you should achieve a perfect match, connecting your profile to the likeness whether wood, MDF, ultralite or finger joint pine. If there is ever a question as to whether or not we have a matching profile you can always fax us a tracing of your profile with measurements to be compared in our plant before ordering.

Q: Flexible mouldings seem more expensive than wood; Why is this?

A: Flexible mouldings are more expensive than wood, but offer greater savings over other bending techniques such as steaming, slotting or custom wood work to match wood or MDF profiles to a curved wall or radius. Because CoveFlexTM matches so well, you only need to use it for the bent or radial portions of any installation.

Q: What measurements does Cove Moulding Group require to determine the length of flexible mouldings needed for my application?

A: You can view and print out the ORDER FORM to acquire the measurements necessary in order to determine the length and radius of your mouldings if applicable. CLICK HERE for our order form.

Q: How do I figure out the measurements of my radius when I am dealing with a finished wall and am unable to measure through the wall to measure the diameter?

A: Go to the MEASURING page. This should help when measuring difficult or multiple angles.

Q: Are these products for indoor or outdoor use?

A: Flexible mouldings are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Q: How do I stain mouldings?

A: Standard stains will not work as they need a porous surface to soak into.  Use any gel or solid stain to achieve your desired effect.

Q: What types of paint will adhere to mouldings?

A: Any latex or oil based paint will adhere nicely to mouldings. Additionally, many typical craft store coatings may also work. If there is any question, apply some of the intended coating to a small piece of the moulding and let dry to test for adhesion. Note: We do not recommend alkyd paints for use with CoveFlexTM Flexible Mouldings.

Q: Do I need to prime my mouldings?

A: Some people prefer to prime any surface before painting.  Mouldings come with a clear primer already applied.

Rigid Polyurethane Mouldings:

Q: How do I install Polyurethane mouldings?

A: Complete instructions for installing polyurethane mouldings and millwork can be found under INSTALLATIONS.

Q: How does the density of polyurethane compare to wood?

A: We manufacture the majority of our products with 10-12pcf polyurethane foam similar to that which is used by other major polyurethane suppliers of architectural mouldings. If you were to hammer a nail through one of our mouldings, it would be similar to hammering through a piece of soft pine.

Q: How will direct sunlight affect my mouldings?

A: The Rigid Polyurethane mouldings are manufactured with a white primer coating already on them that will provide UV protection during installation. Additionally, many exterior paints contain some level of protection from the sun rays, however, like wood, the protection is only as good as the final finish that is applied.


Q: How can I order your products?

A: In Canada or the US give us a call at 877-882-2718 or use the handy order form, ORDER FORM.