Step-by-Step Installation Tips

1. Lay out the material and let it acclimatize to room temperature and relax in its original shape. Cove-Flex™ Mouldings handle best between 18°C and 22°C (65°F & 72°F). Do not soak the mouldings in hot water.


2. For INSIDE CURVES, measure the length required and add 1/8 inch. Dry fit the moulding, shimming and trimming as necessary to get the perfect fit.


3. For OUTSIDE CURVES, measure the length required and add 1/8 inch, but do not trim the moulding for extra material.


4. Clamp, tape or wedge the material in place. Start in the MIDDLE of the piece and work evenly on either side to the ends so the material is not stretched and flat spots in the curve are eliminated.


5. Compare the thickness of the Cove-Flex™ product to the thickness of the matching wood product where the two will meet. It may be necessary to shim or plane off either product to align material perfectly.


6. Pre-drilling all nail and or screw holes is recommended for best application. Alternatively, an 18 gauge pneumatic PIN NAILER may be used to fasten the moulding in place. It is recommended that all nails or screws are placed no closer than 3/8 inch from the edge or end of the moulding.


7. ALWAYS use a strong construction adhesive (PL PREMIUM preferred) and confirm the surface you are applying material to is flat and smooth.


8. NEVER use staple guns.


9. NEVER overstress the material.


10. Fill and lightly sand the material as for wood, taking care not to damage any surface or wood grain pattern.


11. Clean material before painting or staining using a non-corrosive cleaner.


12. The surfaces may be coated using acrylic or oil based paint and stain. NOTE: ALKYD based paints and stains are NOT RECOMMENDED. Traditional stains will not work as they need a porous surface to soak into, as such use any gel or solid stain to achieve your desired effect.


Some mouldings may be special ordered with a darker tint. For unpainted surfaces avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight unless a UV inhibitor has been applied.